Artist Statement

I am an abstract painter. I was born and live in Norway but have the last years stayed in UK where I have taken my education in art and finished my MA in fine Art in London January 2020.
My interests are colour and geometry, but also architecture and sculpture interest me. I often paint feelings and compare my paintings to composing music. For a while I have been engaged with landscape, not the one I see, but the one I saw and felt, my inner landscape. I paint because I cannot live without it, it is the only way for me to comfort myself and the only way I can understand and grow. It is my language.


Utdannelse / Education:

2018-2020 MA Fine Art, University of the Arts (UAL), Chelsea College of Art, London
2015-18 Ba Fine Art , Universitetet i Wales, Trinity St. David

Solo Exhibitions / Separatutstillinger:

2013 E. Fremin Gallery, Chelsea, New York City
2003 Galleri G, Sandnes, Norway
1999 Monumental Art Factory, Sykkelfabrikken, Sandnes, Norway

Group exhibitions / Gruppe utstillinger:

2022 Wales Contemporary, OXO Gallery, Southbank. London, UK and the Waterfront Gallery, Milford Haven Wales, UK
2022 Art San Diego, California, USA
2022 Artexpo New York, New York City, New York, USA
2021 Spectrum Miami, Florida, USA
2019 MA Fine Art, Degree Show, Chelsea College of Art, London, together with Late at Tate Britain.
2018-2019 Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea College of Art: Gone with the water Obsession, MA FA International Art Festival, Pigs can get Sunburnt, Wicked Game, Off Grid, One night Stand 2019 Highgate Contemporary Gallery, Highgate, London
2018 BA Fine Art, Degree Show, Trinity St. David, Swansea, Wales, UK
2017 Glenn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea, Wales, UK 2011 Silent Voice, Esbjerg, Danmark
2005 Art Project, Suldal, Norway
2004 – 2007 Autumn and Spring Exhibitions, Stasjon K, Sandnes
2003 Summer Exhibition, Flørli Powerstation, The Lysefjord, Norway, together with Frank Aasnes

Competitions / Awards:

2020 Shortlisted for Clifford Chance Award, London
2020 Swansea University, Music Award made together with John Anthony, Tomos Sparnon, Elliot Chapman
2003 Stavanger Aftenblad (The Art Association)
2004 The county of Sandnes

Study trips / Studieturer:

2010–2020 New York x 5, London x 6, Paris, Munich, Leipzig,
Nice, Roma, St. Petersburg, Moscow,
Barcelona, Amsterdam.

Professional Membership / Organizations:

NBK (The Norwegian Association of Visual Artists) and BKFR
LNM ( The Association of Norwegian painters)

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